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  1. Jess Restaino on

    Hi Marg,
    I’m an Asst. Professor in the English Dept at Montclair State University in the US. My areas of interest are composition/rhetoric and English education. I’m currently at work on revising an essay on collaborative writing in which I argue that, while foundational scholarship in my field points to the importance of collaboration as a pedagogical approach to teaching argument development in writing, we largely stopped theorizing the practice of having students write together. In the meantime, we make use of newer developments like wikis and writeboard in our first-year (higher ed) writing classrooms, but without some theoretical model for assessing whether or not our activities are particularly useful or effective.

    I was digging around for some critiques of writeboard, etc, and I came across your blog. I’m wondering if you could recommend any critiques/assessments of writeboard as an educational tool. Also, are you still making regular use of it? Or, is there another collaborative writing tool that you find to be more valuable?

    Many thanks for your time with my questions and my blabbering. I appreciate it!
    All best,
    Jess Restaino

  2. Marg on

    Hi Jess,
    Thanks for getting in touch with me.
    I’d probably suggest to start with the [] Flat Classroom Project – they’ve done lots of work with wiki and assessment rubrics – not quite the critique you’re after, but may point you in the right direction.
    The [] Educational Wiki also links off to various articles about wiki and also the WikiPatterns website.
    Dave Wilcox and Beth Canter have a resourceful wiki with links off to various sites too – also worth a look. []
    As for Writely, I’ve moved to using Google Docs more now – the flexibility with Gdocs is a really good extension – also includes Open Office formats. I find it’s more comprehensive and I’m working more on the fly so love the fact I can log in anywhere. Also thinking of using it for the review process of a journal I edit. You can also blog from it too. The integration is pretty good. I still find a wiki to be most collaborative for most things. If you uneed the privacy then something like Gdocs is ideal (our planning day was recorded to a Gdoc and all staff able to log in and add/edit).

    Feel free to browse my Delicious (or others of course!) for wiki tagged sites: []

    Love to keep in touch – be keen to see how you go and to hear more about your program too. Feel free to Gtalk me or Skype me if I’m online 🙂
    Cheers, Marg

  3. Marg on

    PS. Also check out Stewart Mader’s wiki book on wikis…[]

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