Liminality is a beautiful thing. As we learn we are on the tip of understanding – at the point of knowing – at the edge of our comfort zone, always building at the margins of our knowledge. We see the finer points and marvel at the bigger picture. We exchange, interact, emote.

Thus the title of this blog, ed(ge)ucation design.

Even as teachers, we are always innovating, refining, revising, reversing, reorganising, gathering ourselves for each learning moment that may occur in our presence as facilitators, guides and mentors for learners (should they chose for us to be so) .Image147.jpg

So too, as a learner, I have many, many teachers . . . YOU for starters! 🙂

My parents

My siblings

My friends

My primary school teacher

My Irish roots

My fish

My garden

My husband

My tai chi

My colleagues

…and most recently, my daughter

As an education designer, I am placed – as I see it – in such a way where I straddle teaching, learning and design, yet have the time and resources to ponder their processes and their similarities and differences.

And so I write this blog about my experience.

Marg O’Connell

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