MobilizeThis 2010 CIT link-up

I’m looking forward to our live link-up this Thursday at MobilizeThis 2010 (Darwin – with aAron and Steve who will be demonstrating the interactive whiteboard and POV cameras they’ve been using with students in the Fyshwick Trade Skills Centre ( Metals Fabrication workshop here at CIT!

Steve and fellow teacher Evan did a quick test of the webcam today using the eLearn Live Classroom (below) and it worked a treat. The wide shot looks a bit pixelated, but hope to remedy that with a better quality camera if we can get one hooked up in time. You can at least get a sense of the interactions that take place in the workshop.

Evan will demo the interactive exercises the students undertake in the workshop space (via Fyshwick), using the IWB to plan and cut the metal and shape it as required. Students record their work using cameraphones or POV cameras as available. It’s amazing how quickly the technology normalised with this student group!

Good luck gentlemen and looking forward to the presentation :o)

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