2 Minute Moodles by Tomaz Lasic

This is a collection of 2 Minute Moodles – an attempt to simplify and show how to use a range of Moodle features to a busy teacher.

The tutorials try not to assume too much previous knowledge and are presented for the pragmatical and not necessarily tech-savy users (Moodle purists please excuse). They are a bit like that product I got the pun from – something quick and simple to get you going.

If you don’t know where to start, see the entire ‘progression’ list at

Enjoy & feel free to contact.
You can also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/​lasic

I’m drafting up an online, self-paced orientation to eLearn (CIT’s instance of Moodle) and have found @lasic‘s demo videos to be really helpful. Thank you for sharing these Tomaz!

I’ve incorporated one of his demos on the basic Moodle editing features into a matching quiz format – see screenshot below.

What do you reckon? Should get staff actively doing as part of the orientation I hope!

Are you doing online orientation for Moodle with your staff? I’d like to hear about your set-up and experiences!

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