Wiki + QR code = Semapedia

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This from the tag via sparkered.

A QR code generated from Wikipedia for use in physical spaces, equals Semapedia.

I tried it out using the kaywa reader and now have the Wikipedia entry to liminality on my phone as I write. 🙂

It works like this:


Image: Semapedia

Imagine some of the applications, if you will:

  • quick lookup of definitions (those that apply to one’s workplace perhaps)
  • find out more about an artist, locale, music band, suburb…
  • orientation information within an institute or business or…

At present this is set up for Wikipedia and other ‘Wikisites’. If opened up to Wikiversity, Wikieducator, etc the possibilities are motivating!

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  1. Leonard Low on

    To ensure your content is mobile-friendly if you’re thinking of playing with this, consider linking to Wapedia ( rather than Wikipedia. Wapedia converts Wikipedia articles to a compact, mobile-friendly format. 🙂

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  4. stan wiechers on

    wikiversity is an excellent idea, will do that!

    @leonard: no need to do that,we are only using the wikipedia to determine the name, type and language of the article, the user is presented a mobilized version of wikipedia. we are using

  5. Marg on

    Thanks Stan, for dropping in! I’ll follow the Semapedia update with interest now you may include wikiversity!

    Much appreciated 🙂

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