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samsblog thinking IM think/write:

. . . reason is that we all have different views and ideas. This group effort has enriched my knowledge of e learning and given me a positive PLE

longtail dreaming? ??

your immersion — contention — assertion

explicate ::

dswaters: @leonardlow there is a debate heating up in about it right now

!the biG BIG jump


Enso ; (円相) . . . symbolizing enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void; it is also an “expression of the moment”.

expression of the moment

expression of the moment

expression of the moment

loosley joined — conjoined — rejoined

. . . Balance is not the same as neutrality. Neutrality only seeks the middle. In kyudo practice we are equally aware of the left, the right, the middle, all of it. How long have you been practicing? One more again, practice. This is my hope . . . – Kanjuro Shibata

holding spacespeople

sharing thingsfeeling

being learningdoing



people feeling doing

people feeling doing

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