Quote for the week: the curious curriculum

On reading a great post by Tracy Rosen over at Bridges.

…a lot of my planning needs to be done after I meet these students.
The curriculum is up to me. So I will be basing it on their very
specific needs, interests, abilities, and styles peppered with my own )

So, while I have some great ideas brewing, I need to focus on being curious about my students first (my emphasis).

…a most happy and curious Friday! 🙂

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  1. Marica Sevelj on

    Hi Marg

    Today I heard something really interesting in a presentation at work in relation to working with communities and citizen engagement which I was reminded of when I read your post. It relates to a basis principle of philosophy which is “the ability to imagine the other”. This really got me thinking on all levels – in relation to my current job working with e-communities but also as a committed teacher/learner. How often do we imagine ourselves in other people’s shoes? How often do we as teachers remember what it is like to be a learner? How often do we stop and think about what we are about to do in our teaching and its relevance to those people we are about to share the experience with? Do we really have any idea of who our learners are and what their needs are?

    The man giving the presentation then went on to say that our real role in society is the relationship we have with the people we don’t know!

    Just some food for thought late on a Friday night.

    I hope we can talk soon.
    Marica 🙂

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  3. Tracy Rosen on

    Hi Marg – thanks for the thought provoking comment you threw my way the other day! It inspired this response to your question about emergent design:


  4. Tracy Rosen on
  5. Marg on

    I like your questions Marica.

    So true! I’m reminded of a book I bought called Empathic Intelligence, by Roslyn Arnold. In some ways it’s that process of empathic thought isn’t it?

    I love what your presenter said about the relationships we have with those we don’t know! Wonderful 🙂

    Tracy, thank you too for engaging me in further and deeper thinking. I’m drafting a post in response. I’m seeing lots of connections to the unsettling moments in my workplace (and that’s not to say that the unsettling is bad) 🙂

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