M-learning content, practices and emerging standards

Mobile learning (m-learning) content developers are advised to consult and use the general VET e-standards found on this website in combination with these specific m-learning recommendations.
* Mobile audio
* Mobile video
* Wireless data connectivity
* Mobile content
Further background information and support is also available.

m-learning – Recommended Standards – E-standards for Training

The m-learning standards project Leonard, John and I have been involved in, is now finalised with the launch of the standards Report, teacher’s Guide and other resources on the E-standards website.

The process has been an interesting one, especially given the rapid growth in the area of mobile technologies and their use in teaching and learning. As we compiled the Report and the Guide there were already new tools, models and reports coming out! It highlights that standards are usually preceded by practice, because innovation and experimentation waits for no one!

As is stated in the Guide itself:

Henry Lichstein (2002) claimed that standards follow practice, not lead it. So, you are encouraged to use the m-learning standards and this Guide to assist you in decision making around m-learning but don’t let them constrain you in experimenting and trialling new ideas and strategies in teaching with technology. Your new practices may well inform the standards of the future (pp.4-5).

And a big thank you to the reference group for keeping us on our toes, keeping things real and mostly keeping the project on track with what is really important, that is, teaching and learning!

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