Long term investment through the pockets of individuals?

…we see in the papers today lots of one-off payments. Now if we’re going to have a series of one-off payments, that will mean the Budget is really about the future of the Government politically and not the future of the nation economically.We need to use this Budget to set our prosperity up for a period beyond the mining boom. What are we going to leave our children? Are we going to give them a world class education and training system – make it the best in the world? Will we see that tonight? Are we going to see a long term commitment to planning for modern infrastructure such as fast national broadband? And are we going to see a comprehensive plan to tackle climate change which is in itself, a very big threat to our economic prosperity and jobs in the future, and the longer we delay, the greater the cost to the country?

Australian Labor Party: Budget (Doorstop interview with Shadow Treasurer, Wayne Swan)

After listening to the budget speech last night, I’m not convinced these questions from Swan (made earlier on Tuesday) were answered. The skeptic in me heard, “goodbye TAFE and hello short-term gains for apprentices”… throw the seeds out to the birds and let them peck at them.
What’s your reaction to the 2007/08 budget from Costello? How does education and training fair in your point of view?

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