Chapter one of ALP's Education Revolution: Early Childhood Education

There’s a lot of work to be done here because of the undersupply of qualified early childhood education teachers. That’s why there is a long implementation period proposed for this.This is an important document for Labor. It is an important document for our country’s children. It is an important document for the future of the economy. When we send our kids off to their first day of school, we want to know they’re getting the best start possible in life. This document is about helping that process along because we value our country’s children and we value their contribution to the economy.

Australian Labor Party: Early Childhood Education Announcement

The ALP has released chapter one of its Education Revolution. Again, we see the term “value” featuring here, as in the quote above. The links to childcare services is also prominent and certainly for our national vocational education and training (VET) system this will mean more of a focus on those institutes providing training in child care and early childhood studies. It seems Rudd is starting young and working his way through the levels of education – could be a good move (starting with the “egg” perhaps?). I think it also adds value to child care more generally and perhaps parents will view that as value-adding to what is otherwise currently an under-resourced service.

Anyone familiar with / experienced in play-based learning? I’d like to hear more. It’s a refreshing look at educating our children as opposed to ramming the country’s history down their throats! Compare this view with that of Howard’s a couple of days ago:

“I don’t think we need a revolution in education.” Mr
Howard said in Canberra. “I tell you what we need in education more
than anything else: basic standards. “We need basic standards of
literacy, of numeracy, a proper and rigorous understanding according to
an appropriate narrative sense of the history of this country. the
history influences that have made and conditioned this country
.” —The Hobart Mercury: Battleground on schools: PM dismisses Labour’s education ‘revolution’ (24/01/2007).

Long live creativity! :o)

I think making the links between education, productivity, and economic growth will speak volumes to people, families and businesses alike. We’ll have to see how the States respond to the push for the Commonwealth to negotiate the funding structure for this early childhood education push. It does make sense though to have an overall vision for education starting with child care and early childhood education. I can see the other education sectors lining up for their turn too!

Rudd has also been fairly clear about presenting this revolution as a bi-partisan issue and also without separating the responsibilities of private and public education providers. At this point he’s kept things broad, providing overarching views and statements that highlight a national need. Who would disagree that education is not a key concern across the nation? Is the ALP taking a step in the right direction?

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