miniSeries: movies for your mobile

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miniSeries: Episodic adventures for mobile phones

The ABC have pulled together some wonderful little movies that are mobile-sized! It costs you to download them to your phone, but you can preview them (in full) online as well. These movies would be good little tasters for your students, especially those studying communications, arts, moving imagery and so on, not to mention potential cross-subject activities!

The Perils of Flossy held my attention well – loved the combination of music with the visuals. Each episode is quite short (say, a couple of minutes, making downloading to your phone easier, and hopefully cheaper?). Each episode links well in true series fashion. This illustrates how series are constructed too – as viewed on television for example; that is, they consist of relevant narrative links from one episode to the next, along with overarching themes and strong characters, yet have an immediate impact, narratively speaking, within each episode.

Very nice learning tools in themselves, these little movies, as well as telling a good story!

Well done to the movie makers, the ABC and their miniSeries partners m.Net, South Aust Film Corporation and The Aust Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) for making these available.

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