EDge bulletin #1: this is just a test!

I have just come back into using my edublogs weblog here – I keep another weblog on Blogger because to date I’ve found it easier to edit aspects of the the template than I can using WordPress (my limited skills rather than the tool in this case, cos I love the edublogs set up!). However, with Edublogs new features this is now not the case!
So I’m gonna use this blog more to try things out in a more private sense, rather than in a public sense (and potentially things could get messy as a result!). If all is good, I’ll look to carry my Blogger blog over to Edublogs and support a great Aussie service! πŸ™‚
I like the improvements to the editing, and the extra features. I’m still trying to work out Google Analytics, and now I have finished study for the year I hope to have more time to play and learn these new things!

Some initial notes:

a. Flickr isn’t loading – may be due to our firewall at work (although it works via Flock, Flickr that is)…strange!

b. the editor menu doesn’t seem to render fully – not loading completely? May be Flock? I could see the YouTube etc features just a moment ago, but they’ve disappeared now – wierd!

My office space

My office space

Here’s a quick pic of my office space (just checking out the image tools). My pondering about using edublogs will now doubt take place here! πŸ™‚

P.S. Just published this post then came back and edited it a bit and found the editor links like YouTube etc are now visible – yay!

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