Presentation for eLearning Networks Online Events, June 15-16!

I’ll be presenting as part of the eLearning Networks Online Events (AFLF) on Blogging for Learning, using Apcala. The events focus on social networking for e-learning.

You can register now and you will be able to access the events online from June 8.

I’ll be encouraging some discussion on my Apcala blog prior to the presentation on June 15 (5.30-6.30pm AEST – time to be confirmed). If you can’t see anything about the blog pilot project on my Apcala then I haven’t made it public yet! ;o) …stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

Come and join the conversation prior to June 15 and share your views about blogging for learning!

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  1. Marg on

    Thanks to those who participated in the Online Events presentation. I must say it was an ‘intersting’ first expereince at presenting with Elluminate live software. I must thank Jyothi for running across the campus to offer her support part way through and for you all being so patient with the technology! ;oP

    You can review the recorded presentation here (must be registered and logged in), or go to the weblog here for further comment and discussion. If you’d like to join Elgg or Apcala, I’m happy to send you an invitiation, so you can check the platform(s) out for yourself!

    Cheers, Marg–>

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